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Craft a Personalized Charm Bracelet That Speaks Love


Who doesn’t love a charm bracelet? In this tutorial I am making a charm bracelet for my sister’s birthday. She loves to knit and sew so I’ve chosen some knitting and sewing related charms, but you could literally use any charms that you wanted to make this charm bracelet. I’ve also chosen to add some beaded components to this charm bracelet.

I used 6 charms for this bracelet.  Usually you try and use an odd number but I wanted to add one to the clasp so I added an extra one. The heart charm will be the one on the clasp (to tell my sister I love her).


Here are the materials I used to make bracelet:

* These charms come in a 5 pack. I did not use the sewing machine as I felt that it was too large for the bracelet.

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If you haven’t used a 1 Step Looper before, please watch this video about how it changed my life


Watch the video or follow the step by step instructions below. 

Add Jump Rings to Charms

Open a 4mm jump ring and feed on one of the charms. Close the jump ring. Repeat for each of the charms. If you haven't used jump rings before you can watch this video.

Here is the heart charm with its jump ring attached.

Charm Components

Lay out your charms in the order you propose to attach them to your bracelet.

The charm components are made up of three 6mm jump rings joined together.  Start by making sure that you have two well closed jump rings.  Then open another 6mm jump ring and thread on the two closed jump rings and the 4mm jump ring that you just attached to the first charm.

Repeat for all of the charms except the heart charm.

Metal Bead Connectors

Cut a piece of the 20 gauge wire with a flush cut. Make a right angled bend 1cm from the end, then make a loop.  If you don’t know how to do that you can watch this video on how to make the perfect loop

Thread on the beads in the following order:

  • 3mm metal ball
  • Tibetan Style Alloy Bead
  • 3mm metal ball.

Turn the loops so that they are both facing the same way.

Repeat two more times.

Pink Beaded Connector

Use the same technique as above to make one component using the following beads:

  • 3mm metal ball
  • Beaded rondelle x2
  • 6mm Silk Bicone
  • Beaded rondelle x2
  • 3mm metal ball

Blue Beaded Connectors

Make one more connector using the same technique threading on the following beads:

  • 3mm Aquamarine Bicone
  • Beaded Rondelle
  • 6mm Faceted Aquamarine Round
  • Beaded Rondelle
  • 3mm Aquamarine Bicone

Make a loop in the other end of the wire.

Joining The Components Together

Lay the components out in the order they will appear in the bracelet.

Work from right to left, starting with the clasp.

Open a 4mm jump ring and thread on the clasp and the right hand jump ring of the first charm component. Close the jump ring. The charm will be attached to the centre jump ring.

Open the loop of the first metal bead component and add the 6mm free jump ring. Close the loop. 

You will see in the image above that the centre jump ring is sitting in the opposite direction to the two side jump rings.  This is what you want to see.

Continue in this manner until you have joined all but the final charms, making sure that all of the charms are sitting on the same side of the centre jump ring (facing towards you).

Make the Dangles

Make two dangles the same as and pink and blue connectors using the headpin instead of wire (they won’t have a loop on the bottom). Thread the beads onto a headpin and make a loop in the end.

Attach the Clasp and Dangles

Take one open and one closed 6mm jump rings.  Onto the open one, thread on the closed jump ring and the end loop of the last component.  Close the jump ring.

Open another 6mm jump ring and thread on the last jump ring (the closed one that you just attached), the 4mm jump ring of the heart charm and the top loops of the two dangles. Close the jump ring.

To do the bracelet up, you open the clasp and put it into one of the end jump rings, depending on what size you want the bracelet to be.

Jewellery I’m Wearing

In this week’s video I’m wearing my Forever Summer Necklace.

The earrings I am wearing are made from one of the lower dangles, just added to an earhook. 

Did you enjoy this tutorial? It was fun to make and you could use any number of different charms to make it your own.



Beaded Charms Bacelet Tutorial


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