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Breaking the Rules With Memory Wire


Usually we associated memory wire with bracelets and sometimes necklaces. I’ve made memory wire earrings before but in this project, I’m using it a little bit differently and I’m going to be breaking some of the rules.


I used a 4cm memory wire for this project. You could use a larger or smaller size – this will result in different shaped earrings.



For this tutorial I really do recommend that you watch the video as there’s a few little tricks that you need to see.


In the video I am only make one earring.  When making a pair of earrings, I suggest that you make them both at the same time so that you get them exactly the same shape and size. Therefore, when I cut two pieces of wire, you will cut four, when I make two loops, you will make four. 

Cut the Wire

You do need to use memory cutters when cutting memory wire.  Memory wire is made from very hard stainless steel and will damage your standard flush cutters if you try to cut it with them.

Cut two pieces of wire at about one and a quarter wraps.

Shape the Wire

Put both of the pieces together, matching the ends.  Place the flat nosed pliers at the bottom centre of the wire. Holding nice and firmly, use your thumb to bend the wire.

Trim the Wire

Holding both pieces together, trim one end of the wire to 1cm from where it crosses the other piece.

Make a Loop

Using the round nose pliers, make a loop in the end that you just trimmed using this technique

Ensure the loop is centred on the wire (watch the video for my best tips on how to do this). Repeat for the other side. Manipulate the wire until the loops match.

Breaking the Rules #1

If you can’t close the loops, you can break the rules by giving the loop a little squeeze with your chain nose pliers. You would never do this with half hard wire, but you can get away with it when using memory wire if you are very gentle.

Thread the End Through the Loop

The mission here is thread the long end of the wire through the loop you have just made.  I needed to give my end a little bend to make this happen.

Bend the Wire Up

Pushing the loop down to make room, bend the tail up opposite the lower bend. Repeat for the other piece so that you have two pieces exactly the same.

Add the Beads

Thread on one of the beads. Using the bead as leverage, make a right angled bend in the top of the wire where it comes out of the bead. Trim the wire to approximately 12mm from the bend.

One of the pieces will have the wire bent to the side like the picture below. The other piece will have the wire bent towards the front.

Measure the two bent ends against each other to ensure that they are still exactly the same.

Make the Top Loops

Using the round nose pliers make a loop in the end of the wire.  The piece that has the bend to the side will have the round part of the loop facing the front. The piece that has the bend to the front will have the side of the loop facing the front.

Attach the Earwire

Open the loop of the ear hook and thread on the loop of the component that the round part of the loop faces the front.

Connect the Pieces

Open the jump ring using this technique

Thread on the lower loop (where you threaded one wire through the other) of the component you just added the earhook to.  Now thread on the loop of the lower component.  Close the jump ring.

Breaking the Rules #2

The only way I could get everything to stay inside this tiny jump ring while I closed it was to squeeze the jump ring shut from the front to back. I would not normally recommend you do this but it was a quick way to get everything together. Watch the video for more information on how I did this.

This completes the earring.  As I said above, you should have made both earrings at the same time so you should have a lovely pair of open wire earrings.

Useful Techniques

Here are links to some tutorials I have done for all of the techniques I used in making this project.

Jewellery I’m Wearing

The Necklace and Earrings I’m wearing in this video were from my Raspberry Drop Necklace tutorial.

The Bracelet is my orange and red wire wrapped bracelet.

Did you enjoy this tutorial?  Did you have the same difficulty getting all that into that tiny jump ring as I did?  Let me know below.





  • Thank you Bev. You are very welcome. I love a challenge! Glad you like these.

    - Carol Karl
  • I love a good hoop earring. They are beautiful, simple yet elegant. Thank you for going through the frustration of the prototype so that many of could make these. Your tutorials are always spot on. Thanks again, Carol.

    - Bev K
  • I love a good hoop earring and these were beautiful, simple yet elegant . Thank you for going through the frustration of the prototype so that many of us can make these. Your tutorials are always very helpful and spot on.

    - Bev K
  • Thank you so much, Josie.

    - Carol Karl
  • So very elegant in ‘breaking the rules’ …brilliant Carol’ glad you both are feeling better

    - Josie(jzmin)

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