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Halloween Spikes and Bones Necklace

Halloween is just a few weeks away so I decided to make this spikes and bones necklace using memory wire. It’s so out of character for me to make something scary like this but I thought I should jump right in and get in the spirit of the day.


Here’s what you will need to make this spooky necklace:



Watch the video or read the instructions below.

Step 1

Make a small loop in one end of the wire.  To do this put the end of the wire quite close to the tips of the pliers – this way the loop will be quite small. Making sure the wire isn’t sticking up past the jaws, twist your hand away from you, adjusting your grip as necessary until the loop is closed. If you haven’t made loops before, watch this video.

Step 2

Thread on 20 of the 3mm black balls.

Step 3

Thread on the centre beads following the diagram below.

Add 20 more of the 3mm black balls.

Step 4

Place the necklace around your neck and decide how long it needs to be.  Place your finger where the two pieces of wire cross over. Cut the side of the memory wire without the loop to that point.  

Make a loop in the cut end like you did at the other end.

Step 5

Open the 4mm jump ring and thread on one loop of the memory wire and the clasp. Close the loop.  If you haven’t used jump rings before, watch this video.

Open the 6mm jump ring. Thread on the remaining loop from the other end of the necklace.  Close the jump ring.  

When you lay your necklace down, the ends will cross over but when you wear it the wire will stretch out to the correct size.

Here’s your scary, spikey bones necklace to wear for Halloween.

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