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DIY Dainty Drop Necklace You'll Love

Today, I’m making something that is completely out of character for me.  You know by now that I love big chunky jewellery which makes a statement.  I decided that I should try something different so today’s project is a delicate, dainty drop necklace.  It’s made with beautiful glass pearl teardrops and faceted rondelles in all different colours.  I actually love how this piece turned out.


To make this beautiful, dainty necklace you will need:



Watch the video or read the instructions below.

Cut the Chain

Measure 5cm from the end of the chain and cut the link with the flush cutters.  Make sure you cover the link you are cutting so that it doesn’t fly away and hurt someone. Set this 5cm piece aside.  It will form the extender chain.

Make the Centre Dangle

Find the centre of the long piece of chain by laying it on your mat, holding the ends in one hand and pulling the opposite end straight.

Thread the green rondelle onto one headpin.  Take your chain nose pliers and hold the headpin in the pliers at the top of the bead.  Push the wire over to make a right angled bend.  

Now tuck your round nose pliers into the bend and wrap the wire around the pliers.

Readjust the pliers and pull the wire the rest of the way around so that it is at a right angle to the wire coming out of the bead.

Thread the end of the headpin through the centre link of the chain.

Wiggle it so that the link goes through into the loop you just made. You may need to open the loop slightly to get the link through. If this is the case, squeeze it closed with your pliers.

This is what you should have.

Hold the loop with your chain nose pliers.  Take the end of the headpin in the other pair of pliers and wrap the tail around the wire coming out of the bead several times. Make the last wrap slightly looser – you want it to slightly cover the bead. Using the flush side of the cutters, cut off the tail.  Tuck it in with your pliers.

If you have never made a wire wrapped loop before, here’s a video that could be helpful.

The Pearl Dangles

A pearl dangle goes on either side of the centre dangle.  You will follow the same basic process to make the dangles.

Remember to add the loop to the chain before you do the wire wrapping.  To do this, count eight links from the centre link.  Place the end of the headpin into the ninth link. Attach the loop to the bottom of the link – this is important, otherwise your dangles won’t hang correctly. Test this before you wrap the loop.

The pearl beads are wrapped twice around.  You want to stack the wraps nice and neatly on top of the bead, not covering it.

Repeat for the pearl on the other side of the centre.

The Rest of the Dangles

You will repeat this process alternating rondelles and pearls until you have 5 rondelles and 4 pearls.

Add the Clasp

Open the 4mm jump ring using both pairs of pliers.  If you’ve never worked with jump rings before, watch this video.

Thread on the last link of chain as well as the lobster clasp and close the jump ring.

Make the Extender Chain

Open the 4mm jump ring.  Thread on the 5cm piece of chain and the dangle. Close the jump ring.

Attach the Extender Chain

Open the 6mm jump ring.  Thread on the free link of the extender chain and the necklace.  Close the jump ring.

Your necklace is complete.  Isn’t it beautiful?  I just love how delicate it is but still with a huge amount of interest.

I do hope that you enjoyed this necklace tutorial.  If you have any specific requests, why not leave me a comment below.

If you would like to make the jewellery I am wearing in the video, the necklace tutorial can be found here:

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I haven’t done a tutorial on the earrings but you could use the same technique I used to make my Valentine’s Day earrings to make these teardrop earrings.

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