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How to Make a Double Strung Necklace

I’m doing it double today with this double strung blue pendant necklace. This project uses several techniques and includes this beautiful heart pendant with the star connector as well as these stunning flat oval acrylic beads. Even though it looks really complex, this necklace isn’t hard to make.  It uses techniques like opening jump rings, making a simple loop and stringing which are fairly easy.


Here’s what you will need to make these earrings:



Watch the video or read the instructions below.


Thread one of the 6mm Crystal AB beads onto the eyepin and make a right angle bend at the top.

Cut the eyepin to a length of 1cm from the bend. Using the round nose pliers, make a loop in the remaining wire of the eyepin.  If you haven’t made a loop before watch this video.

Hold each loop in a pair of chain nose pliers and twist until both loops are facing the same way.

Holding one of the loops on each side with the pliers, open the loop and attach the heart pendant. Close the loop. If you have not opened and closed loops before watch this video about how to open and close a jump ring – you’ll need to use this technique later on.

Repeat the process to attach the other loop to the centre loop of the star connector, ensuring that both the heart and the star connector are facing the same way.

Open one of the jump rings using the same method as you used for the loops and attach it to the top loop of the star connector. Ensure the jump ring is really well closed.

Main Necklace

Lay the beads following the diagram below with the pendant you have just made in the centre.‍

Cut a piece of Tiger Tail about 50cm long and add a bead stopper or stopper bead at one end. String the beads onto the Tiger Tail.

Thread a crimp bead onto one end of the Tiger Tail, then one well closed jump ring.

Thread the Tiger Tail back down through the crimp bead and several of the beads on the string.

Squeeze the crimp bead to close it.

Repeat for the other end of the string.

Open one of the jump rings you have just attached and thread on one of the closed metal rings. Repeat for the other end.

Second String

Note: If you wanted to make this a single string necklace, you could skip this step.

Cut a piece of Tiger Tail about 40cm long.  Thread on the beads following the diagram below, just as you did before.

Add the jump rings to each end and attach them to the closed metal ring using the same process as you did for the main necklace.

Double check that you have the jump rings on the correct side of the ring – you don’t want your two strands to be twisted.


Cut two pieces of Tiger Tail 15cm long. Layout and thread the beads onto each piece using the diagram below.

Attach a jump ring to the end with the 12mm faceted and the clasp to the other end using the same crimping technique.

Open one of the jump rings and attach to the metal ring on each side of the necklace, ensuring that the jump rings will sit at the top of the metal ring.

That was quite a marathon but well worth it.  This necklace is just stunning.  No-one will believe that you made it yourself.  There’s nothing hard here, it’s time a lot of materials to put together.

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