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How to Make a Moody Statement Necklace

I’m feeling dark and moody today!  Well, not really but I’m making a dark and moody necklace. I need a darker piece to add contrast to some of my lighter coloured outfits, so I’m just going to play with some beads and see where it takes me.   You’re welcome to come along for the ride.


I’ve gathered some beads in volcano (black), amethyst and hematite.  The amounts listed below are for the beads I actually ended up using, not as shown in the photo above.



Watch the video or read the instructions below.

Make the Large Dangles

Make 13 large dangles by threading a 10mm then a 12mm bead onto an eyepin.  Use the 1-Step Looper to make a loop in the other end. If you want to know more about the 1-Step Looper, watch this video.

If you don’t have a 1-Step Looper, make a loop using this technique.

Make the Small Dangles

Using the same technique, make 13 small dangles by threading one of the hematite beads onto a headpin and making a loop at the top of the bead.

Open the loop you have just made and thread on the loop of the large dangle which is closest to the Amethyst bead.

Attach the Dangles

Find the centre link of the chain. Open the loop at the top of one of the dangles and feed onto the centre link.  Close the loop.  

Add the next dangle, missing one link of the chain and ensuring that you attach the loop to the bottom of the link. Make sure that all the dangles are facing the same way.

Add the next dangle on the other side of the centre dangle.

Continue to add the dangles to the links as shown in the layout diagram below.

Add the Clasp

Double check that you have the dangles matching on each side by holding the centre dangle and pulling the ends of the chain.


Test the length of the chain to make sure it fits. Trim if necessary by opening one of the links and removing any excess. Open the 6mm jump ring and thread on the clasp and the end of the chain.  Close the jump ring. If you need to know more about jump rings, watch this video.

Open the 8mm jump ring and add thread on the opposite end of the chain.Close the jump ring.

I really hope that you enjoyed making this super easy but effective necklace.  It really only uses one  technique – loops.

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