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How to Make a Wire Wrapped Bracelet

I love to wear red and I have a stunning necklace that used to be my Mum’s, but what I realised is that I didn’t have a red bracelet.  Today, I’m showing you how I made this beautiful wire wrapped bracelet in red, orange and pink – seems very autumn themed but it really wasn’t planned that way.  Might just be perfect timing for my Northern Hemisphere friends.


Here’s what you will need make this wire wrapped bracelet:



Watch the video or read the instructions below.

Step 1 – Make the Wire Wrapped Rondelle Components

Cut a piece of the wire approximately 6cm long. Make a wire wrapped loop.  If you have never done this before, watch this video.                              

Make sure all the ends are tucked in.  

Thread on a bead cap, the rondelle and another bead cap.

Place your pliers at the top of the bead cap and make aright angled bend in the wire over the top of the pliers.

Make another wrapped loop. Trim off the end and tuck it in.

Repeat until you have seven of these components.

Step 2 - Make the Dangles

Thread one bicone onto a headpin.  Using the same process as you did for the rondelles, make a wire wrapped loop at the top of the bicone.  

Repeat until you have all seven in all three colours wrapped in the same manner.

Step 3 – Join the Components

Open a 6mm jump ring and thread on one of the components in the following order:

  • 1 Rondelle Component
  • 1 Red Dangle
  • 1 Orange Dangle
  • 1 Dark Pink Dangle
  • 1 Rondelle Component.

Close the jump ring.

Open another jump ring and thread on the end loop of joined components you have just made, the dangles in the same order as above, and another rondelle component. Close the jump ring.

Repeat this until you have added all of the rondelle components.

Check the bracelet is the correct size for you, remembering that the clasp will add approximately 2.5cm to the length. 

Step 4 – Add the Clasp

Open a 6mm jump ring and add the remaining three dangles in the order used above.  Thread on the loop part of the clasp.  Close the jump ring.

Open another jump ring. Thread on the loop of the other end of the bracelet.  

Open the last jump ring, thread on the jump ring you have just added as well as the loop of the bar section of your clasp. Close the jump ring.

You will see that the clasp sits nice and flat.  This is because we added that extra jump ring on the bar end.

I love this bracelet, it’s fun and quirky.  

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