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Mastering Necklace Design with Bead Design Board

Do you ever wake up and you’ve been dreaming about beads? I do!

Last week I woke up thinking about these silver twist foil lined beads.  I couldn’t stop thinking about them so I decided that I should use them in a necklace.

Lampworked Glass Transparent Beads With Silver Foil Inner

As I was designing the necklace (in my head), I thought, why not walk you all through my process.  

This week’s video is about how to use a bead design board to make a necklace – what’s the process that I go through when using the board.

I’m not going to write step by step instructions because there’s a lot of information contained in the video that wouldn’t translate as well to the written word. I have provided a layout image, to make it easier to follow along.

I have included the materials that I used in the final necklace so you can reproduce it if you wish.




To participate in the design process with me please watch the video.

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