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Discover the Joy of Making This Beautifully EASY Pearl Bracelet

I’m continuing on my pearl series today. I’m making a stunning braided pearl cuff.

Of course, last week I made two stunning multi-strand pearl necklaces.

Today’s pearl cuff will work perfectly to complete the over the top outfit – or do I need earrings too! Let me know in the comments below if you think I should make some pearl earrings to match.

I made a similar braided cuff bracelet a few years ago but I used different beads.

Today’s pearl cuff bracelet is made up entirely of different sized pearls, with a couple of silver accents.


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The tools you will need to make this necklace are as follows:

Bracelet Options

Option 1 – Braided Cuff

In the tutorial I make 9 strands that I then braid together to make this stunning cuff.

Option 2 – Unbraided Cuff

You could make up the cuff in exactly the same way as I did in the video, but instead of braiding the three sections, leave it as one. Attach to the opposite end as described in the video. Remember to remove a few of the beads so that the bracelet meets instead of crossing over.

Option 3 – Pearl Memory Wire Bracelet

If this is too bulky for you, you could make this as a standard memory wire bracelet. Just cut one piece of memory wire 9.5 wraps long and make it in the usual way. Remember to remove the beads that cross over so that the beginning and end of each round meets.

Useful Techniques

In this video I used only one technique:

How to Make Perfect Loops

I’m Wearing

In this video I’m wearing in 8 strand pearl necklace.

I’m also wearing my shell teardrop earrings.

And a brooch I made from a button.

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I’m also wearing my blue and white striped sweater which I showed you in my capsule wardrobe last week. 

I couldn’t find one exactly the same but here’s something similar.



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