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Personalised Wine Glass Charms

Are you having a Christmas Party this year?  Chances are probably not, but if you are managing to have a get together, why not make these for your guests.  Even better, why not put them in a Christmas Cracker as a wonderful useful gift.

You could make a whole bunch of these with different letters for your guests.

If you have two guests with the same first initial, just make two – one for their first name and one for their last.

If you have two guests with the same first and last initial, then you could make them with different colours.


  • 7mm Acrylic Alphabet Bead x1
  • 11/0 Silver Lined Seed Beads x16
  • 6mm Bicone x1
  • 4mm Filigree Gold Bead x1
  • 20mm Wine Glass Charm x1
  • 26 Gauge Wire x25cm


  • Round nose pliers
  • Chain nose pliers
  • Wire cutters


Watch the video or read the instructions below:

Add eight seed beads to the wire. Move to the middle.

Making sure the letter bead is the right way, bend the wire around the letter bead and thread each end of the wire through the bead in opposite directions.

Pull the wire as tight as you can.

Feed on four seed beads to each end of the wire and bend the ends up around the bead.

Bend both wires so they are straight up then cross them over.

Make sure the seed beads are sitting tightly around the letter bead.

Place your finger and thumb over the place where the wire crosses so that it won’t move, and twist the bead four times.

Trim off the excess wire and squeeze in any ends with your pliers.

Add the bicone and the gold bead, making sure that the bicone covers the wire wrapping.

Make a right angle bend in the wire about 2mm above the gold bead.

Put the wire between the jaws of the round nose pliers about 0.5cm from the end of the pliers. Wrap the wire up and around the top jaw of the pliers.

Pull the wire straight down. Remove the loop from the pliers and reposition it on the bottom jaw.

While the wire is still on the bottom jaw, pull the wire up behind the other piece then start wrapping the wire around the post. Wrap the wire around the post four times finishing on the back.

Turn the work over and trim off the excess wire and push in any ends with the chain nose pliers.

Feed the component onto the wine glass charm, ensuring the that letter bead is facing the right way.

You may need to adjust the seed beads so that sit nicely around the outside of the letter bead.

I hope that you enjoyed this quick and easy project. Go forth and make any.

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