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Vintage Jewellery Recreation Part 2 - Emerald Earrings


Are you a matching person? Do you match your earrings, necklace and bracelets?  I’m not usually but this is something special.  You may remember a few weeks ago I recreated a vintage necklace that used to belong to my Mum.  What I couldn’t tell you at the time was that I was commissioned to do this by my brother-in-law for my sister’s birthday.

Vintage Necklace Recreation

She loved the necklace and asked if I could make some matching earrings. I had a few great ideas as to how I would make these earrings but after playing around with the beads for an entire afternoon, I decided that simple was best. I actually really love what eventuated.

This week, I’m sharing the earrings that I made to match the necklace. If you haven’t seen it, make sure you watch the necklace tutorial.


To make these earrings you will need:


The tools I used to make these earrings are:


Watch the video or read the instructions below.

Open the Jump Rings

Before you start open all of the jump rings. This will make it much easier to attach them as you won’t have to put your work down when joining the rings together.

Make the Dangles

Thread one of the 8mm jump rings through the hole of one of the drops.  Close the jump ring.

Make the Connector

To make the connector, make a loop in the end of a piece of the wire.  I bent the wire over about 1cm from the cut end, then made my loop with that, using the very tip of my round nose pliers. If you’ve never made a loop before, use this technique.

Make sure that the loops are both facing the same way.

Connect the Pieces

Using a 4mm jump ring, attach the connector to the end 8mm jump ring of the dangle. Close the jump ring. Repeat so that you have two 4mm jump rings connecting to the dangle.

Attach the Ear Hook

The earhook is attached in the same manner as the dangle. Use a 4mm jump ring and connect the ear hook and the connector. Close the jump ring. Repeat.

Repeat the process for the other earring.

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Jewellery I’m Wearing

If you would like to make the necklace I’m wearing today, here’s the tutorial.  

Black Tears Necklace Tutorial

The earrings are made using one of the teardrop beads, one of the acrylic teardrops, a Jet Faceted Glass Abacus bead, and a bead cap.

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