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How to Make a Halloween Charm Bracelet

So, what should you do with Halloween charms? Make a charm bracelet of course! That’s what I’m up to today.  I’m making this cute Halloween Charm Bracelet. It’s super quick and super easy. Follow along while I make it.


Here’s what you will need to make this Halloween Charm bracelet:



Watch the video or read the instructions below.

Step 1 – Measure Your Wrist

Take the tape measure and put it around your wrist at about the place where you would wear your bracelet.

This will be the measurement of the chain – the toggle clasp will take up approximately 2cm so if you cut the chain at the same length as your wrist measurement, this will be the correct length.

Watch the video to see tips on how to check if the measurement is correct.

Rather than cutting the chain, use both pairs of chain nose pliers to open (pull apart) the link.

Step 2 – Add the Toggle Clasp

Tip: Pre-open all my jump rings. This means you don’t have to put your work down to open them.

Place one of the jump rings onto the end of the chain.  Place on the round end of the toggle clasp and close the jump ring. If you haven’t used jump rings before, watch this video.

On the other end of the chain, add two jump rings and the bar end of the toggle clasp. The reason you need two jump rings, is so that the clasp sits correctly on your wrist.  

Step 3 – Layout the Charms

Lay the charms out how you would like them to be added to the bracelet.  Try to achieve balance.  In this instance, I added a black charm on each end and in the middle, then I added the larger charms closest to the ends and made sure that my colour was also balanced.

Step 4 - Add the Charms

Find the centre of the bracelet – I used an old pin to find my centre loop.  

Place the spider web charm on one of the jump rings and loop the jump ring through the centre link of the chain. Close the jump ring.

Now repeat the exact same process so that you have two jump rings attached to the same charm and link of the chain.  Thread the jump ring through the front of the charm and the back of the link.  If you want to know more, watch the video.

This gives a more chunky look in line with the rolo chain and also provides an added layer of security for your charm.

Lay the bracelet down on your mat and ensure that it’s not twisted.  You need to attach the remaining charms to the links of the chain that are facing the same way. Between each addition of a charm, lay it down to ensure that the charm is facing the right way and also that you are attaching the charm to a link that is facing the right way.

Attach the cat charm to the jump ring on the bar end using the same technique.

Attach the bat to the last link of the chain closest to the round end of the toggle clasp.

Space the other charms evenly between the charms and attach them.

Here’s what it should look like when all the charms are attached.

Now go back and double check that all of the jump rings are well closed.

Wasn’t that a quick and easy project but so impactful.  For other spooky Halloween projects, check these out. 

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