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How to Make Pearl Fan Earrings

The great thing about these earrings is that they look really complicated but they aren’t. Don’t you love it when that happens!

These earrings also use only a few supplies so, even better.


To make the pearl earrings you will need:

If you would like to make the rainbow earrings, switch out the pearls for 12 Acrylic Rainbow Mix Beads.


The tools I used to make these earrings are:

If you don’t have a 1-step looper, use this technique to make your loops.


Watch the video or read the instructions below:

Straighten the Eyepins

Use the nylon jawed pliers to straighten the eyepins. To do this, pull the jaws of pliers along the wire while holding the eye. Repeat until the wire is straight.

Measure the Eyepins

Measure the eyepin 2.5cm from the bottom of the loop. Make a mark with the marker. Repeat for all the eyepins.

Make the Loops

Line up the cutting jaw of the 1-Step Looper with the mark and make the loop. Repeat for four eyepins. If you’ve never used a 1-Step Looper, watch this video to find out all about this wonderful too.

If you don’t have a 1-Step Looper you still make these earrings, just place the bend in the wire at the mark. The loops made by the 1-Step Looper will be slightly smaller than the existing eyepin loops. 

Use both pairs of chain nose pliers to ensure the loops are facing the same way.

Lay the eyepins up on your table so that all the larger loops are all at the same end, just so you don’t mix them up.

Cut a piece of the 20 gauge wire about 8cm long. Make a loop in one end. Make sure it’s properly closed.

Threading on the Beads

Onto the wire thread on one of the beads, one loop, then alternate until you have five beads on the wire.  Make sure that the loops are all the same way (ie the opening side of the loop is facing the same way on all pieces of wire).

Make a loop in the other end of the wire. Make sure the loop is well closed and that it’s facing the same way as the one on the other end.

Attach the Chain

Cut two pieces of chain 10 links long (this is more accurate than measuring).

Support the beads with your thumb and finger and place the chain nose pliers on the side of the loop that opens.  Move your hand down so that the loop opens.  If you’ve not used this technique before watch this video all about making loops.

Thread on the end link of a piece of chain.  Close the loop by reversing the process.

Repeat for the other end of the wire.

Add the Jump Ring

Open the jump ring and feed on the end link of the chain. Then add each of the loops of the eyepins, then the end link of the other piece of chain. If you can’t get all the components on, just gently bend the wire with the pearls on it. The jump ring is quite full now.  Close the jump ring.  If you’ve not used jump rings before, watch this video all about jump rings.

Gently bend the wire with the pearls into a curve. When you make the second earring, make sure the curve is the same.

Make the Top and Add the Ear Hook

Cut a 4cm piece of wire and make a loop in one end. Feed on one of the pearls, then make a loop in the other end.

Open one of the loops on the component (don’t open the jump ring) and feed the jump ring on. Close the loop.

Open the loop of the ear hook and thread on the top loop of the last component. Close the earhook.

Repeat all of this for the second earring.

In the video, I also showed you a pair of the same earrings I made with some acrylic rainbow beads.

Jewellery I’m Wearing

In the video I’m wearing the Focal Bead Necklace.  You can watch the tutorial here.

The earrings I’m wearing are made from one of the dangles on this Moody Statement necklace.  You can watch this tutorial here.

Moody Statement Necklace

I really hope that you enjoyed this earring tutorial.  As I said, they are quite easy to make but look very elegant and effective.

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