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ULTIMATE Stretch Bracelet knot + 6 Tips to make it BETTER!


Today I’m going to be talking about that special knot we use to tie a stretch bracelet.  Every time I make a stretch bracelet, I always get comments like, “I can’t see the knot” or “I can’t see what you’re doing” so in todays’ tutorial, I’m going to be tying that knot on a giant scale so that you can see exactly what I’m up to.  As well, I’m sharing six of my best tips for making a good strong stretch bracelet.

Basic Stretch Bracelet Tutorial - How to Tie the Knot

When I’ve shown you how to tie the knot, I’ll be making a really simple but lovely stretch bracelet to show you how it all comes together.  For this one, I really do suggest you watch the video but I will share the step-by-step instructions as well. 


Watch the video or read the instructions below.

Making the Bracelet

Cut your elastic at least 4 times longer than your wrist and pre-stretch it (see Tip 1 below). 

Fold the elastic in half.

Place the bead stopper on the cut end. Thread either a Big Eye Needle or Collapsible Needle, and then thread on your beads.

Tying the Knot

This is the most important step. 

I chose to use cord so that you could see exactly what I was doing but you’ll have to imagine I have beads threaded on – I couldn’t find any that would fit this could through the holes twice!

Remove the bead stopper and needle, being careful that the beads don’t fall off.

Thread the cut ends through the loop and pull everything up nice and tight.  Check that the bracelet is the correct size (try it on).

Stretch Bracelet Knot Step 1

Next, split the elastic so that you have one of the cut ends on one side and the other one on the other side.

Stretch Bracelet Knot Step 2

Thread each end of the elastic through the centre of the bracelet, leaving it nice and loose, crossing the ends.

Stretch Bracelet Step 3

Tie a knot by looping one end through the opposite side loop. The knot will appear on the underside.

Stretch Bracelet Knot Step 4

Pull it tight.

Stretch Bracelet Knot Step 5

Tie a knot on the top.

Stretch Bracelet Knot 6

Pull it tight.

Thread the ends back through the centre of the bracelet, cross the threads and tie a knot (on the underside).

Stretch Bracelet Knot Step 7

Pull it tight.

Bring the threads to the top and tie another knot.

Stretch Bracelet Knot Step 8

 Pull it all tight.

Now repeat the last two steps once more.  This will result in a total of six knots.

Stretch Bracelet Knot Step 9

I know that this looks really large and chunky done with the cord, but believe me, this will all just disappear inside your beads.

You can leave the knot like this but if you want to make it extra secure you can thread one of the ends through two of the beads and tie another two knots (in this photo, I’ve just left a space where the beads would be).

Stretch Bracelet Knot Step 10

 Take the other end and repeat, threading through the beads in the opposite direction.

Stretch Bracelet Knot Step 11

Here are some diagrams which I hope make it even clearer.

Step 1 - Put the Ends Through the Loop

Stretch Knot Diagram 1

Step 2 - Through the Bracelet and Tie

Stretch Bracelet Knot Diagram 2

Step 3 - Tie the Knot on Top

Stretch Bracelet Knot Step 3

Step 4 - Repeat Two More Times

Extra Security

I generally don’t do this and I have never had a knot tied like this come undone but if you still feel insecure, you can add a dab of glue to each of the knots and pop them inside one of the beads.  Here’s how the knot looks on a real bracelet. When the beads are together and the bracelet is not stretched, you won’t even be able to find the knot. 

My Best Tips

Tip Number 1 - Pre-stretch the Elastic

Measure around your wrist and cut the elastic about four times that length.  For example, my write measures about 16cm (6.3”) so I would cut my elastic at least 64cm (25”).  This just gives you plenty to work with.  As you get more experienced, you can probably cut this down a little. Working in sections, stretch the length of the elastic.

Tip Number 2 – Always Use Two Threads

Fold the elastic in half so that you have a loop on one end and the two cut ends together.

Tip Number 3 – Add an Extra Bead

When you measure your wrist and you think you have the correct size, always add an extra bead or two.  Before tying the knot, after you’ve slipped the ends through the loop, try the bracelet on to check the size.  If necessary, add another bead.

Tip Number 4 – Tie the Knot

Tie the knot in the manner described above so that it will be super strong.

Tip Number 5 – Thread the Ends Back Through The Beads

After you’ve tied the knot, thread one strand of the elastic back through a couple of the beads going in one direction. Tie another knot. Repeat for the other end, going back through a couple of beads in the opposite direction and tie.

Tip Number 6 – Add Glue

If you feel insecure about your knot, add a dab of glue to each of the knots and pop them inside a bead.

Simple Stretch Bracelet Tutorial

Here’s the Project


Here’s what you will need to make this bracelet:

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Putting it into Practice

Using the method describe in my tips above, thread on 17 of each of the beads, alternatively.

Simple Stretch Bracelet Tutorial Step 1

Test the bracelet to make sure that it fits you.

Stretch Bracelet Tutorial Step 2

Tie the knot as described in the instructions above.

 I just love this colour combination – what do you think?

Completed Simple Stretch Bracelet

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  • @sroscoe8@aol.com, Thanks for your question Samantha. You fold the elastic in half and then thread the loop onto your needle so there’s no need to cut it. I think what you might have done is thread the needle onto one strand of elastic and then looped it so that your needle ends up inside the loop. I’ve attached a picture here so you can see that I threaded the loop through the needle, not the individual strands, therefore the needle is easy to remove. I hope that helps. Let me know if you need any further assistance.

    - Carol
  • How can i remove the needle w/o cutting it or the elastic?

    - Samantha Roscoe

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