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Level Up Your Style: Necklace Layering Essentials

Do you want to elevate your jewellery? Treat it like an onion.

Today we're going to be talking about layering your jewellery and I’m also going to be doing a little tutorial on how to make a layering necklace. This is a super easy necklace to make and only uses one technique.

Why Layer Jewellery?

So why should you layer your jewellery?

At the moment there is a huge trend for wearing multiple layers of jewellery and, if you want that kind of edgy vibe like I'm always looking for, it's a really cool trick to give you a little bit more of a statement kind of focal.

What Works as Layered Jewellery?

What pieces works in terms of layering and what doesn't?

Most of the time when you layer a piece of jewellery, you want several things to be aligned. You want the length to be one shorter and one longer like I've got here.

So, if you're wearing a shorter necklace, you might want your layering necklace to be shorter than this one so there’s not too much gap between the two layers of your necklace.

For example, you wouldn't want to wear a choker and a long layering necklace.

Although I have seen that done really successfully too, especially with pearls. That can look awesome, especially if you wear a pearl choker and a couple of really long pearl necklaces. The upshot is that you want your jewellery to be similar lengths but not the same length with a little bit of space between the two necklaces.

With the necklace I’m wearing, I could actually put on yet another necklace shorter than this and have three layers or I could put on a longer one, but I don't like wearing longer necklaces because it draws attention to my tummy and I don't want that.


The other thing that you want to think about is that your jewellery should really have something in common.

For example, this turquoise necklace has silver accents, which means that my silver layering necklace works really well with it.

If I was wearing a gold necklace or one that had gold in it, I would want to wear either a gold longer necklace or a mixed metal necklace.

If you are wanting to layer a mixed metal necklace, you can wear either a gold or silver layering piece.

Materials & Tools

Here’s what I used to create this layering necklace:

Useful Techniques

In this video I used the follow techniques:

All About Jump Rings

Jewellery I’m Wearing

In this week’s tutorial I’m wearing my hematite and turquoise necklace which is extendable.


Of course, I’m wearing my layering necklace that I made in this tutorial.

I’m also wearing a pair of turquoise earrings that I haven’t done a tutorial for yet. Let me know if you would like me to create one. 



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