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Surprising Jewellery Trend from Craft Store Supplies


If you watched my Jewellery Trends for 2024 video, you will know that brooches are still right on trend. You will also know that huge flowers are also on trend. Today I’m combining both those things to make a giant flower brooch. I’m also converting some buttons into brooches.


I took simple items I found at the craft store and made them into trendy jewellery. I used a giant flower and some buttons to make brooches. This was such a fun little project, one that I will be repeating because I loved doing it so much.

Giant Flower Brooch

Let’s start by talking about this huge flower brooch that I made. Now this one is really oversized and you can certainly follow the huge flower trend without going all out like I did. Simply switch it out for another, smaller flower. 

As I said, I bought the flower at my local craft store. You can pretty much find faux flowers everywhere these days but if you need some help, here’s some I found on Amazon.

Along with your flower you will need a 25-26mm brooch back (New Zealand / US).

You will see in the video that I cut off the stem of the flower and glued on the brooch back, but there was a bit more to it than that so please watch the video.

Button Brooches

At the same craft store I bought a selection of large beautiful buttons. I cut the backs off and glued on the brooch backs or brooch pins as required by the shape of the button. I made a whole pile of these and wore them as a collective on my denim jacket.


Along with your buttons, you will need some brooch backs – I used the 20mm (New Zealand / US) one for the smaller button, and a 26.5mm (New Zealand / US) one for the large buttons.

For the buttons that had the indentation on the back I used a 20mm Brooch Pin (New Zealand / US). 

I’ve put together a collection on Amazon of buttons that you might like for brooches. 


Jewellery I’m Wearing

In this week’s tutorial I’m wearing my Blue Teardrop Necklace.

I was also wearing a simple pair of large hoop earrings

In the photo above (with the buttons), I'm wearing my Love Bug earrings.

In the photo above (pink pants) I'm wearing my Heart Chandelier earrings made with pink beads.






  • Aw, thank you so much, Nancy.

    - Carol Karl
  • You are just too cute with that huge, crazy pink flower brooch. It looks great on you. I love watching your videos. You make them fun. Thanks for sharing your pics above!

    - Nancy Barnhart

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