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Long Iridescent Drop Earrings

Don’t you just love these beads? They come in two shades – blue and green – and they have a wonderful iridescent sheen on the outside.  As soon as I saw them, I fell in love! You’ll hear that a lot from me about beads!

I decided to make these really quick and easy earrings, although I have other things in mind for them too.  What would you make with them?

I also made them in green.

This project is suitable for beginner jewellery makers.

If you would prefer to watch a video of me making these earrings, scroll to the end.


To make these earrings you will need:


You will also need:


Adding The Beads

Start by adding the bead cap to the eye pin. Make sure the outer curve of the bead cap is at the bottom so that it will cup the curve of the bead.

Next add the iridescent bead with the wider end down.

Then add the filigree bead ensuring that it is centered on the eye pin. Check this by rotating the bead with your finger.

Finally, add two seed beads.

Making The Loop

Take your bent (or chain) nose pliers and bend the eye pin at right angles to the rest of the work.

Place the top of the eye pin between the jaws of your round nose pliers, making sure that the top is flush with the jaws (doesn’t poke out over the top).

Rotate the pliers away from you until your wrist won’t go any further.

Reposition the pliers so that the loop is on the lower jaw and rotate again until the loop is closed. If necessary, hold the loop with the chain nose pliers and reposition until the eye pin is centered under the loop.

Attaching The Earwire

Open the loop at the bottom of the earwire by grasping it along the side with the chain nose pliers.  Rotate up towards the ceiling. Never open a loop to the side or you will lose the nice round shape.

Place the loop of the earring component onto the loop of the earwire and close the loop by rotating down toward the floor, making sure the loop sits closed. Rotate back and forth with a little pressure if necessary, to get it to sit nice and tight.

Repeat for the other earring.

These earrings are easy to make but they pack a real punch.

If you make these earrings let me know in the comments below or pin this image to make them later.

If you love jewellery, I strongly encourage you to have a try at making these earrings.  If you need any help, let me know – I’d be happy to help.

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