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When Brooches Go Bad

It was my plan today to walk you step by step through the process of making a brooch with me, but it didn’t quite go that way.  I had a bit of a disaster – watch the video until the end to find out what happened.

I’m not going to write instructions today because so much happened during this video, it would be hard to put it into words but it ended up like this.


As I was playing with the beads, I’ve only listed here what I actually used in the finished brooch.  Please note that the image above is not the brooch I made in this video – it’s one I made about 18 months ago (also covered in the video).

Here’s the list of what I used.



Please watch the video to find out how I hurt my thumb and how to make this brooch.

I hope you learned from my mistake and have more luck making this brooch than I did - no burned fingers, I hope!‍

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